Can't help but notice there's no web3 debate happening via Mastodon...

@lopp Seems ""web3"" is the antithesis of FOSS a.k.a. web0...

@lopp or the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, or University’s role in teaching Marxism, homeschooling and (almost) free schools, or economics, or history, or homesteading, or survival, or how to convince people still with their ass on twitter and facebook. Mastodon needs to grow. Let’s attract more interesting people

@lopp if creatives and influencers in the #bitcoin space could organise a podcast where they discuss a coordinated move together, might reduce the fear of losing following by moving to a decentralized platform together. And this would emphasize their believes in decentralization.

@lopp there are in the wider instances. Web3 is pretty much all viewed (correctly) as shitcoinery. The problem is when the tech-literate group Bitcoin in with it.

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