Tried setting up Whisper on my Windows gaming rig recently and it took me 3X as much work as on Linux due to multiple library compatibility issues. But I'm now ready to embark upon a massive transcription project!

@lopp have to say though, gaming in linux has come a long way and lutris makes it quite manageable for less tech-savvy peeps. I don't really play the newest high end games, but managed to get gta5 running decently through wine on ubuntu from the rockstar games launcher. That's a notorious pita wrt linux but it works quite smoothly on my laptop.

Yeah my gaming is all VR these days, which is still a no-go on Linux.

@lopp vr literally nauseates me, so I'm no help there, though I've read steam is putting quite some effort and resources into their linux compatibility, so it might not take long anymore until that field sees some improvement as well... I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya

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