I'm seeing nearly 50% as much engagement on nostr as on twitter, but with only 1% the audience size.

Assuming the stats are roughly accurate, it means nostr users are 50X more active than twitter users. Alternatively, it could mean that Twitter is 98% abandoned.

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@lopp @thinkmassive

I see content like this getting lots of engagement in the fediverse.

The vibe, at least in what I'll call the core of popular well-connected instances, is overall pretty hostile to cryptocurrency from what I've seen. On the other hand, Nostr got a big donation from Jack Dorsey, a longtime bitcoin fan.

Maybe some of that helps explain the experience of a laser-eye-avatar-sporting bitcoin personality on those respective networks.

@charlieok @lopp It doesn’t help that, of the few Bitcoiners who seem active on here, many seem to blindly cross-post from Twitter (mentions, retweets, and all).

Seems like nostr has a lot of original content, although the majority of what I see in my feed is about nostr itself. Any of the interesting Bitcoin content I’ve seen is headlines/links available on other networks. The pace of nostr development is exciting though.

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