My mastodon feed is still full of folks using the instance. Do y'all not realize that @nvk is gonna rug pull you soon?

@lopp @nvk I've only realized a few days ago… there isn't even an annoucement in the notifications at the top

@lopp @nvk and only because I've randomly checked nvk's profile, otherwise I would have noticed when the site goes down… @nvk please consider postponing the shutdown, you said earlier "there would be plenty of warnings and time"

@lopp @nvk

Yeah... ima gonna kinda miss dis place. 😭
TY @nvk

@lopp @nvk I'm not done deciding what instance to move to since the recent influx of free-speech-abolitionists, or possibly host my own...

@lopp you weren't kidding about the rug pull… he said we had time until 1st March and then shut it down in the afternoon on the 27nd, so I didn't even manage to migrate the account. I mean, I know it technically said "not your instance, not your account" or something like that, but still… Lesson learned, I guess.

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