I suspect that the majority of my mastodon followers got nerfed last week when the BitcoinHackers instance shut down. My feed is a ghost town.

If you see this post, please star it or comment so that I can get a sense of who is left.

@lopp I think a lot of Bitcoiners also just moved to Nostr like nvk did… personally I've tried it and it's just too rough and unfinished so far, I'll try it again maybe in half a year

@mackuba @lopp I feel the same way about nostr clients. I will use both as a lot of others in tech are on mastodon.

@scottpenrose @lopp I feel like the twitter-verse is somehow dividing mostly by community, e.g. Apple developers -> Mastodon, Bitcoiners -> Twitter and Nostr, journalists -> Twitter

Depends on the client - a lot of them are pretty rough. But for mature clients I recommend:

iOS: Damus
Android: Amethyst

@lopp Ok, I haven't tried yet and it seems to work ok-ish so far… I've tried Damus but sometimes things just didn't work and it didn't say what was going on and why

Mature is a relative term I guess, iris is still pretty rough in my experience.

@mackuba @lopp nvk did not just MOVE to nostr. He simply pushed every bitcoiner off the mastodon cliff by shutting down the bitcoinhackers instance without a warning. Then refused to elaborate.

@deafboy @lopp I mean… he did write in the "About" that "Not your instance, not your posts" or something like that, but you know how it is… you always hope that this time will be different ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lesson learned, I've got my own now so I won't lose it again when the admin gets bored or rage-quits (unless I do it).

Plenty have, though I've noticed several actively tooting accounts that were on BitcoinHackers failed to migrate and just went abruptly silent.

@lopp I'm on a volunteer-led insurance that didn't get rugged (yet?). Activity seems down since the latest Twitter drama faded.

@lopp yea, same. Kinda sucks, now I have two bitcoiner post platforms and two non-bitcoiner post platforms. I miss just having one.

@lopp also, ironically, neither of the bitcoiner ones are self-hostsble. So on Twitter it’s censorable, and on nostr you just hope you have a relay in common with followers, and hope you don’t get caught in common relay spam filters :(

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