I've been running my own private Mastodon instance for over a year now, and I will say that it's quite reliable. Haven't had a single instance of unplanned downtime, nor have I spent any time on server maintenance!

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@lopp legit! Have you had any issues with federating or getting stuff from other instances?

Sometimes, yeah. Sometimes when I tap on a toot, it doesn't load the replies. It's hit or miss, not sure why.

@lopp I have not been following #nostr status for a while, how do you see that going? I've thinking of my own Mastodon setup for a while, but nostr seems at least nominally more "permanent" as a public identity.

@jcorgan Nostr is making good advancements; there are even services that make it easy to run your own relay. Nostr is by far my favorite social network these days.

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