A butthurt user reported one of my toots that refuted a claim that Bitcoin is a scam.

But here's the thing: I'm a sovereign Mastodon user. I administer my own server (

After a thorough investigation I have determined that I followed my own rules! 🤣

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I had some clown block me just for having laser eyes on my avatar.

I'd never mentioned Bitcoin in my profile or posts.

Agreeing ( and boosting ) with him and his post was enough.

It really put me off the #fediverse .

Now I #selfhost my own #wordpress instance which is #activitypub enabled and forwarding to #NOSTR

Thanks for all you do in the space.

@lopp Also doesn't violate their own home server's rules. I get these from time to time as well. Some people seem to be under the impression that most fedi servers have rules against disagreeing with people in replies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@lopp Why are you so proud of being casually rude to a stranger that you tout it to everyone? (No, I didn't report you.)

Using rudeness in place of logic, reasoning, facts, and citations, sends a clear message: these things have no worth to you, that all you care about is screaming at people.

Do better.

My machine, my rules. Those who are offput by my words are free to block me but they are not free to censor me.

Rudeness is subjective; only the most delicate of snowflakes would consider my original reply to be rude.

@lopp Calling someone's arguments "whining" is, of course, rude, as you are perfectly well aware.

@TomSwirly Calling a completely open and transparent community-driven project a "grift, con, and scam" is, of course, rude to those who dedicate their lives contributing to it, as you are perfectly well aware.

@lopp No, "people worked hard on it" is not a rebuttal of "it's a scam".

So let's sum up, because reading your writing is like eating excrement.

We're 14 years into the Blockchain, but despite years of claims, not one application aside from cyptocurrencies has actually happened, and you haven't identified one.

You completely ignored it when I pointed out the tremendously low transaction numbers, the very low adoption, and the huge power costs, probably because they're indisputable.


@lopp So all you have is, "It will be really great in the future."

It's been a decade. No one believes you anymore. Call us when you actually have something solid to show. Or actually, don't.

Ha, protocols aren't companies. They get adopted at their own pace. Email and TCP/IP took decades to go mainstream.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Bitcoin will still be here 10 years from now and plenty of haters will still be whining about the fact that it's operational. 🙂

@lopp Know how many computers there were when TCP/IP was invented? And how many were on networks?

HTTP launched in 1991 and immediately the number of users grew by a factor of 10x each year for the first five years, and then continued to sustain double-digit percent growth for almost twenty years.

The Bitcoin network has had the same throughput for the last ten years: 6 transactions per second.


Enough time spent talking to BTC NPCs for one day! Have a pleasant evening.

You continue displaying your own ignorance by believing that the transaction throughput is limited by the base layer.

@lopp As far back as 2014, I was writing production code that is still in a major blockchain.

Bye now!

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