Today was ... interesting. If you followed me for the past months over on the shitbird site, you might have seen a bunch of angry German words, lots of graphs, and the occassional news paper, radio, or TV snippet with yours truely. Let me explain.

In Austria, inflation is way above the EU average. There's no end in sight. This is especially true for basic needs like energy and food.

Our government stated in May that they'd build a food price database together with the big grocery chains. But..

You continue displaying your own ignorance by believing that the transaction throughput is limited by the base layer.

Ha, protocols aren't companies. They get adopted at their own pace. Email and TCP/IP took decades to go mainstream.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Bitcoin will still be here 10 years from now and plenty of haters will still be whining about the fact that it's operational. 🙂

@muratk5n @gerrymcgovern @briankrebs

Bitcoin being an energy hog has been working quite well for Bitcoin.

As for your Keynesian arguments, we could debate different schools of monetary theory ad infinitum. Time will tell as the experiment plays out.

@TomSwirly Calling a completely open and transparent community-driven project a "grift, con, and scam" is, of course, rude to those who dedicate their lives contributing to it, as you are perfectly well aware.

My machine, my rules. Those who are offput by my words are free to block me but they are not free to censor me.

Rudeness is subjective; only the most delicate of snowflakes would consider my original reply to be rude.

On this evening of September 11, I am pleased to announce that I have tagged a Ditto alpha1 release and deployed it to

Ditto LIVES. Here's what you need to know:

- It's Soapbox on Nostr.
- Ditto pretends to be a Mastodon server while using the Nostr protocol.
- You can use Mastodon apps other than Soapbox (but you need to obtain a Nostr private key first).
- ActivityPub is not supported yet, but it will be. It's part of what makes Ditto, Ditto.
- Ditto is about building communities on Nostr, similar to ActivityPub.
- Nostr uses private keys. There is still a lot of work to do in Soapbox to improve this experience.
- This is not optimized. Please excuse any slowness or glitches. If something isn't working, try refreshing the page. I will improve this.
- It's still a demo. This is just for poking around, so don't get too attached.

This is just the beginning. alpha1 is just BARELY usable. But I want to get the ball rolling. Things are going to change a lot in both Soapbox and Ditto. These things take time, but we will win. Thank you all for your patience, enthusiasm, and support!

Follow along with #ditto here:


@jcorgan Nostr is making good advancements; there are even services that make it easy to run your own relay. Nostr is by far my favorite social network these days.

A butthurt user reported one of my toots that refuted a claim that Bitcoin is a scam.

But here's the thing: I'm a sovereign Mastodon user. I administer my own server (

After a thorough investigation I have determined that I followed my own rules! 🤣

Sometimes, yeah. Sometimes when I tap on a toot, it doesn't load the replies. It's hit or miss, not sure why.

I've been running my own private Mastodon instance for over a year now, and I will say that it's quite reliable. Haven't had a single instance of unplanned downtime, nor have I spent any time on server maintenance!

@gerrymcgovern @briankrebs
Bitcoin's energy consumption doesn't make it a grift, con, or scam. Bitcoin is an incredibly transparent system with regard to how it operates.

All you're really saying is that you don't value the utility offered by the system and thus you consider the energy expenditure a waste. However, your whining won't change the incentives at play: Bitcoin as a system pays for its own thermodynamic security.

Cybersecurity isn't about computers it's about people.

Who don't report to you or care what you think and just want to play Korean MMOs on their CAD workstation.

Cherry picking is fun! Do anyone who bought before 2021!

tl;dr: Only tourists look up in a new town.

Many people have pointed out that there are a handful of commands that are overwhelmingly run by attackers on compromised hosts (and seldom ever by regular users/usage). Reliably alerting when a user on your code-sign server runs whoami.exe can mean the difference between catching a compromise in week-1 (before the attackers dig in) and learning about the attack on CNN.
Introducing our new Sensitive Command Canarytoken."

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