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Word on the street is the Ethereum PoS migration is delayed for the 27th time...

As I see it there are at least 3 forms of the Bitcoin protocol:

1. What we THINK the spec is
2. What the reference implementation actually does
3. The design space of how it can evolve in a forwards-compatible manner

I've been running some BSV node tests because I noticed the blockchain size is approaching 3 TB. The early results are predictably laughable.

Writing bitcoin p2p message sending / receiving functions from scratch is less fun than I had hoped.

Probably the greatest academic 'mic drop' in history: In 1903, Frank Nelson Cole of the Columbia University delivered a "talk" with the title 'On the Factorization of Large Numbers'.

Apparently he, silently, wrote the following on the blackboard:

2^67 - 1 = 147,573,952,589,676,412,927 = 7,618,383,257,287 x 193,707,721

and then walked out (or something).

p. 183 of Singh "Number Theory step by step".

(2^n -1 was one of a list of numbers Mersenne had claimed to be prime).


Can't help but notice there's no web3 debate happening via Mastodon...

Glad to be a first class citizen in the fediverse!


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